Watchtower, Frazer Fraser

From the Bloodspoor installation. Etching and collagraph (1997). Adopting a Foucaultian interpretation, Bunn notes that 'a new topographical need' emerged in the Eastern Cape for 'chainsof forts and signalling posts...barricaded churches, panoptic prsons, the grid-like quatering of the ground in military maps'. Dixie invokes this idea explicitly through the inclusion of the word 'Watchtower' in Watchtower, Fort Fraser. The low angle used in the work and the two slit-like windows (one of which is blocked) increase a sense of the structure as an ominous mechanism for asserting control over potentially subversive populations by rendering all activities in its surroundings visible. ( Walters and Schmann, 2008).

09 Apr 2019