No Angels

This work was inspiresd by events emerging from a desolate and inaccessible farm in the Sneeuberg mountains above Nieu-Bethesda. The particular tragic incidect thar I foused on took place  during a roadside family picnic. A lonely woman - isolated within home and landscape - crossed, in a moment of violence, into territory beyond ' sanity'.  My work aims to echo this crossed territory by diffusing the boundaries between inside and outside, homestead and wilderness. The lying down of a picnic blanket demarcates a bounded space within an open, infinite landscape - a transient and fragile 'home'. To emphasise this, I place my picnic site in a room in an empty house in Nieu-Bethesda. I filled this room with dead leaves. When I collected the leaves, there was the sound of wind in the tress - a sound like water in the barren landscape. I divided thr house with conical road markers - as if the road and the picnic already breached the house. The picnic blanket and abjects are covered with cement. I wanted the atriphied feeling of time haveing been cemented over. The structure of the picnic site resembles a grave. I used the glass covers used over cemetery wreaths. inside them , instead of flowers, are picnic plates with photographs of objects found in old Karoo houses - a wooden toy , a lamp, a bottle of 'pynstil' - ordinary objects evoking the lost family. An opened picnic basket stands im the place of a gravestone. 

09 Apr 2019