10 Sep 2018

Below the Sediments

2002 -2018

Digital print onto brushed metal with lazer cutouts

 560 x 1 200mm, Edition 5

The collision and collusion of the two ‘languages’ in Below the Sediments reveals the different epistemological strategies of art and science. In this artwork the two registers are brought together to speak not only about this collision. The first register is a depiction of a karoo landscape in which over two thirds of the image depicts the earth below. The second register is one that comes from the realm of science and engineering. I adapted the diagrammatic images I came across on the internet of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, (commonly known as fracking) to create hard edge ‘pipes’. The karoo landscape depicted on the front panels has literally been cut away to create the scientifically ordered, ‘pipes’ laid below the ground to extract gas from below the surface of the earth.


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