The Terrain No Angels

No Angels

Installation of a picnic inside an abandoned house in the Karoo

“No Angels is an installation piece that fills two rooms of a deserted Karoo village house. It is a violently unsettling work that compresses two elements of the narrative into a single space-time event: the claustrophobic interior spaces of the remote farm, and the pathetic remnants of the roadside picnic.” ( David Bunn, 2007)

Further Reading:

Bunn, D. 2007  A Sidelong Glance: Christine Dixie’s Thresholds. Corporeal Prospects catalogue. Johannesburg, Standard Bank Gallery Exhibition

The Terrain No Angels

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The Terrain No Angels
Christine Dixie
05 Jul 1998

The word !Xoe denotes 'home-land' or 'home-place' in the language of the !Xam; a nomadic San hunter-gatherer people that once inhabited the Great ...

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